Exercises you can do on your own

Although we designed these exercises for our summer closure we believe that they will be useful to you throughout the year


When we return from the summer break we are going to hit the ground running and up the tempo. This means you will need to maintain some basic fitness.


Your body’s will need a rest but doing some exercise through the summer will help when you get back.


Consider doing some exercise 5 to 6 times a week. As a minimum, we would suggest: -


  • Skipping 3 x 2 mins to tick over.
  • Press-ups Count how many you can do in 1 go without stopping. Halve the total and do that number of press-ups. Have a minute’s break and then repeat for a total of 3 sets.
  • Squats Same process as press-ups - do as many as you can, halve that figure, do squats 3 times with a minute’s rest between.
  • Leg raises Everyone’s favourite! 6 inches of the ground. 3 sets 20 or 30 seconds a set, depending on fitness.
  • Jogging A 20-minute jog, comfortable – keep loose
  • Run A 10-minute run; 30 seconds sprint; 30 second jog.


After the 1st week, you need to increase slightly. 1 or 2 more exercises, or seconds per set.


Stretching is a lot easier in the heat. So if you can’t touch your toe’s yet let that be a challenge for you.


This is body maintenance, not to make you fit!

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